A service that never stops

Scalability, IT resilience, distribution across multiple datacenters on different continents, intelligence for device optimization and a great passion for our work: these are just some of the ingredients that allow us to offer our customers a unique fluid experience.

Even when the stakes are high and there is only one chance of success, when your audience is the whole world, when you need to customize your multimedia content for each user, you can count on the reliability of Fluidstream's infrastructure: yours. radio, your TV, your podcasts and video on demand will be accessible from any device.


About us

  • Fluidstream was born from two “boys” and their great passion for radio, technology and new media.
    The idea is to offer highly reliable professional streaming services in Europe and around the world, maintaining a direct, personal, human relationship with our customers.

  • Working with Fluidstream is different from any relationship with a typical internet company. With us you work with real people, partners ... with office colleagues.

    We are a team at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the aim of guaranteeing the best service possible.

What we do

  • We distribute multimedia streams on the internet. We do the same work as radio and TV transmitters: they transmit radio waves on air, we broadcast multimedia streams over the network. See us as your partner, a structure dedicated to distribute through the web your editorial content to the public. Today we offer our services to large publishing groups, national radios and televisions, but with the same care and enthusiasm we also dedicate ourselves to “young” digital radios. Our customers are based in Italy, in Europe and also in the most distant continents. We work with our customers on all aspects of the service, from design to implementation, maintaining constant support and monitoring the quality and innovation of the service itself.

    Do you want to know more? Do you want to try our services without any commitment or obligation on your part? Contact us, we are at your disposal.
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Fluidstream | February
Now yellow shines like gold

It is the yellow of Antenne Steiermark and Antenne Kärnten, audience leaders in their respective regions.
A success that is also reflected in the listening in streaming, live in simulcast and with a wide range of thematic digital channels.

For us at Fluidstream, it is an honor to be a partner of these two prestigious broadcasters for the audio and the video streaming services.

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Fluidstream | June
RTR 99 canzoni e parole fuori dal coro choosen Fluidstream.net

Quality programs and contents, careful musical programming and professional management always close to the listeners, are the ingredients of the success of RTR 99.
To further strengthen its bond with listeners, RTR 99 has chosen our services, increasing the reliability and quality of audio and video streaming. In addition, we have created new mobile applications: easy to use, immediate, they allow listening to the radio, including the thematic channel dedicated to Pooh's music, the use of podcasts and the viewing of the TV channel. All accessible also from the new car radios equipped with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.
Finally, thanks to Adswizz technology, of which Fluidstream is a technological partner, RTR 99 has chosen to enter the world of digital audio advertising, a far-sighted choice, for many it will be the future, for RTR 99 it is the present.