The goal of our listeners data collection system is to provide accurate, clear, certified data. It’s a complete reporting system dedicated to General Managers, Directors, and to the advertising sales team.

One means one

All reports are based on real data, digital information where 1 is 1. No mathematical abstraction, no hypothesis: only real cold numbers.

Real-time reporting

Your streams are measured in real time, allowing you to get your data at any time. With the real time reports, you can know how the public is reacting to your editorial proposal and you’ll be able to take decision in real time.

Historical reporting

You’ll have a huge database with all the information about you listeners or viewers. You’ll see the daily and monthly users, the listening/viewing average time, geographical locations, the media players and the devices used. In this way we will give to you a precise and clear picture of how your streams are used by your audience.

Ready for the future

Our streaming infrastructure is already IPv6 compliant.
With our services you'll be able to reach every device or computer on internet.

Mobile streaming

It means to reach all the mobile devices, and enable you to broadcast your live events using your smartphone.