In recent years, mobile devices have passed their point of no return as one of the critical components in the landscape of digital marketing and multimedia. What once were the Walkman or portable radios, now are smartphones, while today the new portable televisions are tablets and large screen smartphones.

The continuing spread of the broadband and the consequent lowering of the price for flat connection, will lead to an increasing use of portable devices.

Fluidstream develops and publishes the application for your radio or television on the various marketplaces. Simple and fast applications to access to your audio or video streams, to view your social networks pages, to access to your website, interacting sending email or SMS directly from the mobile app.



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Ready for the future

Our streaming infrastructure is already IPv6 compliant.
With our services you'll be able to reach every device or computer on internet.

Mobile streaming

It means to reach all the mobile devices, and enable you to broadcast your live events using your smartphone.