Universal Audio Streaming

player_rpdUniversal Streaming is our solution to make accessible your audio or video content (live or on demand) from any desktop or laptop computers and from the most popular mobile devices (Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian, Samsung Bada).

You will be able to access to your stream even from game consoles or from the new Smart TVs.


Our network

La rete di FluidstreamWe operate only on networks with very high reliability. Our servers are located in geographically redundant data centers. We use redundant hardware, redundant connectivity on each individual server with dedicated bandwidth. To stream your content we use the most reliable and advanced streaming software platform: these are the components of our service.

Ready for the future

Our streaming infrastructure is already IPv6 compliant.
With our services you'll be able to reach every device or computer on internet.

Mobile streaming

It means to reach all the mobile devices, and enable you to broadcast your live events using your smartphone.