About us

Fluidstream comes from the passion about radio, technology and new media. The idea is to offer in Europe, and especially in Italy, professional streaming services with very high reliability maintaining a direct and always friendly relationship with our Customers.

Working with Fluidstream is different from any typical internet company. Working with us means you work with real people, like real office colleagues. We are a team working 24/7, 365 days a year, with only one goal: to ensure the best possible services.

Many people ask us “what do you do?”. Well, we distribute multi media contents on internet. We do the same work as radio and TV transmitters: they transmit radio waves on the air, we send media streams across the network.

Consider us like a partner, your dedicated team to spreading your editorial content to the public through the net.

Today we offer our services to large multimedia groups, radio and national television, but with the same care and enthusiasm we offer our services to small web radio station. Our customers are located in Italy, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America.

We work with our Customers on all aspects of the service, from the design phase to the production, maintaining a constant support, monitoring the quality of the service and always looking to innovate our technology.

Want to know more? Would you like to try our services with no commitment or obligation on your part? Contact us, we are at your disposal.

Ready for the future

Our streaming infrastructure is already IPv6 compliant.
With our services you'll be able to reach every device or computer on internet.

Mobile streaming

It means to reach all the mobile devices, and enable you to broadcast your live events using your smartphone.